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Success to some people is having all the riches

to others success means living in a mansion and having people look up to you for help.

Success has no specific definition as (because) everyone has his/her own definition of Success.

Ask a wealthy person what success means to him, his/her own perception of success might be different from an average person or an homeless person, but who would ask an homeless man what success means to him?

Mike Tyson in an interview said “while i was Boxing, making money, touring the world, i thought i had it all, not until i retired, then i realized people were close not because of who i was, but what i had “that’s not Success”.

And then somewhere in Italy an African man saved someone from a fire accident and when asked why he did what he did, he said “To me, it was everything”

With these few examples, we can see how different people view the word “ Success” i pray at some point in our lives we all learn from a once successful people or Successful people, because how we treat people says a lot about us.

Happy New Year!!!

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