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Some phone settings you should try



1) You can control your smartphone with a headset. With an app called a mirror mouse, you can now control your smartphone with your head when you can’t use your hands

2) Text to Word. Most of the time we don’t have the ability to read a text message or text message what your phone can help you with this goes to settings click to turn on text option and it’s available in turn

3) Turning guest mode. We think you want to give your phone to someone else and you compile them to view any of your information and then activate the guest mode to change the guest mode with two fingers. right-click the user icon at the top right of the screen and the pop-up mode will be filled in and then in addition you will be able to choose what action a person can and cannot do.

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4) Screen magnifier. This feature is especially important for those who can’t see very well just go to the apps for I Scanning and turning on applause 3G of modern or a router go to settings click near tethering or Hotspot capable of turning on the hotspot.

6) The easiest way to save your battery, If you choose the base of simple black or black for your screen the automatic pixel marker will turn off and you will notice that your device keeps it charged for the longest.

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7) A spy game, Starting with Android 2.3 gingerbread Google put this secret now for users into all of their devices such as ever searching it can prove to be difficult here how to find it first go to programs and then click on phone/tablet, click on Android version several times and when a small marshmallow comes up press again and a mini-game will appear

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