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How To Change Your Phone From 3G to 4G


Here are methods you can use to change your 3G phone to 4G.

open your phone’s dialer and information this code ##4636##

after you have input this code you will quickly land into a testing screen where 4 choices will be shown

phone data

battery data

utilization measurement and

wifi data

Click on the phone information

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look down until you see set favored system type

from the favored system, type select LTE/GSM/CDMA auto

presently look down and click the update catch and you are acceptable at this point

your phone is currently 4g fit.

if there is a mistake while refreshing have a go at picking another sort which has the LTE choice

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after you have select this attempt and update it again till you see the one that will work for your phone

presently your web will work quicker

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