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Before we get into what Gamophobia I’d like to inform us that Gamophobia doesn’t apply to Men but women as well.

With that being said according to Wikipedia “Gamophobia (pronounced ‘ga-me-PHO-bia’, from the Greek ‘Gamo’ meaning ‘marriage‘) is the fear of getting married, being in a relationship, or commitment. The opposite of ‘gamophobia’ is ‘anuptaphobia’-it is the fear of not being in a relationship (to be single or alone). A person who has gamophobia may like or love a person, but when he or she finds out about that person liking them back and attempting to be together, there is a possibility that their affection would change to hate.

Rather than a phobia, such behavior is linked to a number of personality disorders and neuroses. The majority of phobias are socially created and are not found in any DSM Psychology manual. The inability to allow oneself to be vulnerable and show their ‘bad parts’ has a personality disorder. When the individual displays reaction formation (love to hate) this is a neurotic defense mechanism. This can also be known as the fear of commitment phobia.” with this explanation I believe we now know what Gamophobia is.

In this part we’ll explain and list the causes of Gamophobia. Again our explanations are from surveys we’ve made and personal experiences, our views might be different from yours but that’s why we have the comment section you can Air your view or opinion.


  • PREVIOUS (TOXIC) RELATIONSHIP: This is a major factor that causes GAMOPHOBIA, Nigerians usually say “someone that has been bitten by a snake before will mistake a worm for a snake”. If you’ve toxicity or even abuse in a previous relationship will be scared going into another relationship because every reflex they have will be reflecting back to the previous one thereby creating fear and hate.

  • LACK OF TRUST: Not trusting people enough thinking the only commitment you can have is the one you have with yourself and family, this can create a big hole in the heart, the fear that no one would treat you the way you treat them or the way you treat yourself could create Gamophobia and thereby limiting your relationship with people.

  • FAMILY: I know a lot of people would ask what has family got to do with this. since I made reference to the family on the previous paragraph, but let’s not forget that all families are not the same and in as much as some families are happy and glowing others are struggling with violence amongst them, that brings me to my point if you are from an abusive family, maybe your dad maltreats you there are 80% chances that you’d feel all men are like your father, same goes to a guy that is from a family where his mum or aunt maltreats him, correct me if I’m wrong but the possibilities are strong.

  • THOUGHT OF WHAT YOU’VE DONE TO OTHERS: Lol, this will be epic and this is mostly found in guys, the thought that they’ve treated others bad and that someone else might treat them the same way scares them a whole lot.

Possible ways of healing yourself is Therapy, recent studies show that therapies have ways of understanding people think which there’s a possibility that they can look for a solution but personal opinion, I think you should learn to move and no longer dwell in the past and for you to do that, you should create new friends and stay around people that understand what you are going through and are ready to help you through the journey.

If you got to the end please leave a comment on what you want to see next we won’t disappoint you, thanks, and God Bless.

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This is a great article!! It’ll be nice if the next topic is on how to avoid toxic relationships thanks.

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