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Most people would say the only constant thing in life is CHANGE, in as much as this statement is true, there are also different types of changes, we have positive and negative changes.

Today we will be discussing the Dangers we might encounter making these changes even though most of the time our intentions are good, it doesn’t mean we won’t face difficulties while making choices, thereby turning it to a Negative change but if the reverse is the case then it’s sure a good thing.

Things to consider before making a major change:

  • WILL IT AFFECT THE PEOPLE I CARE ABOUT ?: I know a lot of us don’t share this sentiment but, how would you feel if you were in someone else’s shoes and they left or made a major change that would affect both parties without prior information? This is why it is really important to think it through or better still informing them about your choice or the changes you about to make,

  • WILL THE PROFIT ME OR IT’S JUST FOR FUN ?: Most of us fall in this category, we just jump into something because our friends are doing the same thing forgetting that everyone is different and what favors one person might send the other to prison, before changing a lifestyle make it’s in your favor, in ECONOMICS its called “LONGTERM PROFIT”. Make sure it’s not just for fun but also profitable.

  • WILL IT COST ME MY PEACE OF MIND?: Life is balanced and there is a thin line between being at peace and getting stressed. Maybe you want to change the location of your office or home, think of where you want to transfer to is it safe, will you be able to pay up after the first rent is due or if you are buying will you be able to maintain it? Sometimes it’s better to check these things before making major changes.

It is important to consider the factors listed above, I know there are more it’ll be appreciated if you can comment under this article what you think should be considered before making a major change.

DANGERS OF CHANGING: Before I start I’d want to clarify that, what I’m about write might not apply to everyone but I think it’ll help some people.

  • Changing drastically might end good relationships and when we talk about relationships we are talking about family, friends, colleagues, and spouses. Thoughts should be in their rightful places before we decide to take these actions so loved ones won’t be hurt by the decisions we make.

  • Is your security guaranteed? Most people do things just for the sake of doing it but are you sure you are not heading to your doom? Security isn’t only about your physical state or environs but, also about your mental state. Some unexpected changes could cause depression and if care isn’t taken could lead to the unexpected.

Please always remember to put your Mental state together first before making any critical decision because it is important you think things through.

Thanks and God bless.

3 replies on “Changes”

Thanks a lot for the article… Well another thing I guess people should consider is if changing would help you live up to your full potential as an individual because some people change because they’re not satisfied with how messy their lives are

Thank you so much for this wonderful piece.. One thing people should make sure of is that, the change they crave for is necessary in there growth and not because it suits there friends or peers… Keep doing what you do.. Thank you for this educative piece

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