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Brought Up in Port HArcourt (Episode Finale)


Episode 13

After they left I waited for about 30 minutes before I saw a kid running towards my apartment, in my mind, I was like “ shebi no be another wahala be this? Because I go slap person pikin”. The kid came shouting “brother brother, na my mama send me to come, she say make I come take measurement” I was confused because I wasn’t expecting just one child.

I quickly asked where are the rest? The child said they were on their way, Swift relief. As I was taking the measurement, others came in majestically, I hurriedly took their measurements.

As I was getting ready to go to the market to get the materials for the kids. my Mum tapped at the back not to shout but quietly go out and call Mama Nkechi, I didn’t even ask what the problem was. I went out as fast as I could to fetch Mama Nkechi and told her that my Mum needed her.

Mama Nkechi didn’t waste time, that was when it dawned on me that, I didn’t See Judith when my mum asked to go out.

I got chills all over my body, Yo! I was about to become a father. I turned to prayer warrior, I was busy kabashing. My shouted my name “Lovuday eh! Come here you no dey hear word?” I ran inside, my mum asked me to hold Judith’s hands and comfort her. I did all I could “Babe we will take care of this baby together, you are stronger than you know….” before I knew it, I was feeling an excruciating pain, yeah! It was Judith, she was biting my hand cause of the pain she was feeling.

I swear, I wanted to punch her, but I noticed everything that was going around, I could help but feel pity for the poor girl.

After about two hours of bring a towel, push, try my pikin try, bring water, I heard the cry of a baby.

My mum turned to me to come cut placenta, I shouted “Set up”. Even though I was acting all manly that incident that day changed my whole perception about women.
I checked the Gender of the baby it was a girl, I fell in love all over again, it was love, at first sight, was just small there and perfect, tears ran down my cheek and the whole of that evening it was party.

The Asawana boys came around to secure the place.


Guys, I’ll be releasing two more episodes tomorrow, concerning the questions asked and about lesukka and New Era + epilogue.
Thanks and God Bless you.
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