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Brought Up in Port Harcourt (Episode 9)


Episode 9

The next morning Mum woke us up for Morning devotion, lol something I stopped as soon as I got my own room. who knows if that was the reason, I went astray and impregnated someone, or maybe it was just my pullout game that wasn’t strong? well that’s by the way Belle wey don come don come, I knew it’ll be a long morning because my mum wouldn’t just do devotion and end it there, talk must follow.

To be honest, I missed doing devotion you know like starting your day with God. after an hour of devotion, this was how mum started, “my son? Shey you know, you are about to become a father, which means you should be very disciplined and the child coming into the world will be looking up to you as a role model?” I felt another poke in my heart, the pressure was becoming too unbearable for me, she continued but this time, she turned to Judith “My daughter I know say una two never ready to get pikin but as e don happen una no go fit change wetin don happen, una two go put head together take care of this pikin”.

In my mind, I was like “Mummy leave this thing, you are making me scared” Judith was just nodding in agreement with what my mum was saying, then my mum asked if we had anything to say, me I sha said no oh! But my busy body Judith won’t let me rest, she said she had a question for me since my mum was there she’s no longer scared that she wanted to know my next move after the baby if I would still want her or we would take care of the baby separately? My mum turned to me with the “don’t you have anything to say?” Expression, I did but I never knew she was scared of talking to me. I was usually angry but I was never violent with her you know what I mean.

I said well, it all depends on you, I can’t keep staying with someone as idle as you, my mum raised her brows as if to say “are you mad, can’t you see she’s pregnant?”, I quickly rephrased, what I meant was that if we have to take care of this baby together in the same house it means, you have to learn something or better still learn sewing with me, we could build something together, she was surprised I said that I don’t know why she was but I felt at that moment I was doing the right thing, Mum ended the devotion, it was already 9 a.m.

kpoi kpoi kpoi, house eh! Who dey? I hurried to the door it was Mama Nkechi she came to collect the shirt she asked me to make for her son. what other moments would be better to introduce her to my mum? I needed my mum to know her because my mum knows how to study people, it was her gift.

I brought the shirt and I said to mum “come and meet an amazing person that has been giving us the mother figure since we got here”, my mum was excited to meet her. Mama Nkechi said she’ll be back, let her get her son prepared, that’s how I went out, you know a man has to do what a man has to do. I went to see my friend may be from him, I could know more people you know? It wasn’t even up to an hour my mum called me to hurry back home, that my attention was needed.

the first thing I could think of, was Judith, Ewo my pikin don show, I gat dey there see to my pikin. I ran off like a mad man, called an okada it was a funny experience because I was just saying go to my house, go to my house, confusing the okada man, he was so confused. he stopped along the way and said “Oga calm down where you say we dey go again?” I was like I’m so sorry I gave him my address and we continued our journey, when I got home everything was normal, I rushed inside only for me to see…………

Do you think Judith was in Labour? let us know in the comment section below.

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Eid Mubarak to All our Muslim Brothers and sisters and Happy Sunday.

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I could spend my whole time reading this😍😍😍
Nothing u won yarn me again pikin dan show 💃💃💃💃💃

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