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Brought up in Port Harcourt (Episode 8)


Episode 8

As I stayed with Judith, I began to know more about her. I realized she didn’t have a solid family like mine, I realized her family wasn’t as beautiful as mine. All she was craving for, was love and she found it in my family. As much as I wanted to see reasons with her, I was still frustrated with the fact that she is ruining my life, dreams, and almost everything I had worked for. we had a talk one certain time because my Dad advised me to. if na only me she go dey there old. I asked her what would happen after childbirth, does she want to continue ruining my life or she would also look for something to do? yeah I know it was a stupid thing to say to a pregnant woman but hello! I was only 20.

she said “aboy you go try calm your blockus oh, no be like say I force you oh! belle don come and I go born am, I didn’t know things would result to this but then your family was everything I have desired in a family and I wished badly to be part of it, but you don’t want and I won’t fault you” that very moment I thought someone had poked my heart because I felt every word she said even though I wasn’t expecting her to say those things to me.

we’ve already stayed for two weeks, my friend had introduced me to his friends and I’m beginning to get comfortable with people. there was one provision store close to our apartment, Mama Nkechi that’s what they call the owner of the store a very nice woman sometimes she’ll keep Judith company just to know how she was faring I believe she hears our voices sometimes, and other days she’ll call me inside to talk to me, she wanted to act like a mother, she wanted to know what was going on with me and Judith but I had already warned Judith not to say a word to anyone, Na Ph we from come we know as street be, no be everybody wan really know wetin dey sup, some just wan hear story wey them go carry gist.

On our third week, mum called saying she wants to come stay till baby was born. in as much as I was relieved that my mum was coming, I was also worried because now I’ll be on check again, I’ll start acting like a 14years old, yunno? But I had started appreciating Judith and the little life she carries in her stomach. she lacked the appetite to eat and that scared the hell out of me like if this girl die na matter for me na, wetin I wan tell her popsy and momsy, only me nai wan take care of pikin?.

I asked her “you remember when you ask me whether I dread you the way I dread Belema that year,” she said yes, I said okay it’s true I might have been harsh on you these past months but it’s not my fault, we are too young to be catering for a baby and I didn’t know how to control my frustration, she cried but I know what I was doing, I was trying to get her to be comfortable and start eating healthy. my mum came on a Saturday, I was about to sew a shirt for Mama Nkechi’s son, they had paid in full so I had to do it.

When mum got home Judith was already sleeping, I didn’t bother waking her up, she later woke up to see my mum sleeping next to her, I was still sewing because I didn’t want to disappoint anyone, and besides nobody don know me I no suppose carry market play.

and that’s it for today folks see you tomorrow, God Bless.

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