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Brought up in Port Harcourt (Episode 7)


Episode 7

My mom was crying because she didn’t expect such a mistake from me, but what can we do? I wasn’t planning on killing my first child. later that evening I called the mumu “ Agirl! Wida you capping my family about manchi wey I no know scores about?” she didn’t have anything to say, I was so mad at myself I thought I had finished with this evil set of girls now see my life na. my parents had already made their decision, I went back to school the next day to sell my stuffs and also give the room for rent. I swear I was frustrated, I didn’t know how to take care of myself, how will I now take care of a child? I’m not even prepared for this.

As for Judith, she was irritating, I didn’t like anything she did. while being busy with the thoughts I immediately turned to a friend who taught me tailoring so while waiting for my baby I was learning how to work, then nothing in the streets enticed me because my world was almost ruined, at 20 a father and I’m still living with my parents these words were the only thing ringing in my head. Oga Kingsley was my boss then, I explained the situation I was in he wanted to give me stories like things hard yen yen yen I didn’t know when the Port Harcourt in me came out I was like “senior man after you na you oh, only you one community as you dey like this full territory, baba reason my matter I believe you like bible nai make me show your dormot, baba bless me!” next thing was alert, I think four senior men showed me, love, before it was due day, well I couldn’t stand allowing my child to grow up in the same area I grew, in fact, I didn’t want many people to know that I was about to be a father so I discussed with my parents that I’d like to travel with Judith to Abia state since we have relatives there and we could start afresh there. At first, dad didn’t buy the idea but he saw that I had already made up my mind.

I think Judith was 8months before we traveled, we got to Abia state I think Arochukwu. I had a friend and he has already arranged an apartment for me, it wasn’t bad for a start I saw the disappointment in the eyes of my parents. but, will I blame them? Of course not they brought me up in the best way they could the smallest loophole I found I messed it up, exactly what I and my twin did but in a different scenario. All these while Judith was just acting up, I need this, I need that, scratch my back, I can’t bath alone like shebi this girl is not mad like this, who and you is doing husband and wife thing here? just born my baby and gerrawt, I sha endured her excesses. while we were there I got a sewing machine and started doing small jobs because no one knew me, but gradually I worked.

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Mad ooo..scratch her back bikonu.. After all she disvirgined you😂😂😂😂…loveday must be really cute for Judith to plays harp girl on him..

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