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Brought up in Port Harcourt (Episode 6)


Episode 6

It continued for weeks before I even had anything to do with Belema, but later Belema noticed something was going then I had already gained admission into Rivcas. Before I came back for the weekend, I spoke on the phone with Belema and we were supposed to spend the weekend together, this is where my childhood decided to show itself. I waited and waited for my girlfriend she didn’t show up so I decided to go check up on her at our usual spot, you all remember where we met? if you’ve forgotten it’s called the second well when I got there at first I didn’t see Belema, I only saw Judith with one other guy, I had to stroll close so I can ask if she saw Belema, lol before I could even get there I saw Belema around the corner talking to someone, immediately I was like “yo! How far na, I’ve been waiting for you for like hours nau what’s up?” didn’t even notice the person standing next to her, next thing the guy was like “Aboy wida you na, who goes you dey talk to my barney like that, Aboy you go gree disembark?” I swear hearing those words almost made me sh*t in my pants, normal Ph boy would react but me I was like “bro chill na, I wasn’t talking to you” baba provoke say na him I dey speak English for, say hand go touch me, Ekpa! Who send me?, funny thing was that we’ve attracted a little crowd and my so-called girlfriend, her friend and the other guy was laughing at me, chai! I wanted to cry because the shame was too much jor, I got back home slept, ate, Sunday morning I went back to school cause I didn’t even feel like staying anymore, I tasted heartbreak for the first time, lol y’all know the funny thing was, she didn’t break up with me she only moved to a senior man (tout) and she knew I wouldn’t dare challenge because of my un-port Harcourt self. Weeks after that I got a call from my parents that I should return home from school and it wasn’t even weekend, what’s happening no one told me what was going on, that afternoon immediately after class, I hurried home to put on my fear ground trouser with a starched up t-shirt and went back to ogu waterside when I got home mum, dad, and my twin sister was there already waiting for me, at first I was surprised because I didn’t know what I had done, my dad couldn’t wait anymore he was like “my guy e don reach when you go leave school oh! because as e stands now you wan become father” Mogbe fa… What? Who was pregnant for me that didn’t tell me but immediately went to my family? Series of questions crossed my mind but I swear they were connected parallelly cause they weren’t straight at all, my twin said, it was Judith, she came with her parents to the house that you impregnated her. Chai, immediately it was as if my world came crumbling down, I was just 20, how will I take care of a kid and a baby mama, this girl is really Heartless, I thought to myself.

what do you think happened next?

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drop your thoughts in the comment section below.

Thanks and God bless.

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Lol😂😂😂😂 when Judith Don go carry belle come drag you enter because John no free hear word🤣🤣😉

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