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Brought up in Port Harcourt (episode 4)


Episode 4

Well, that week one of our tenants left so my dad said I could have the room since I had friends. I swear I was so happy, the next day, I got paints, then called Emma and Chime to come help me paint the room, no time! We got to work. we cleaned up the room. I know most of you are wondering where I got the money from, well as I made friends I also looked for loopholes remember say na for waterside I dey stay nothing posh for our area, abi no be ogu waterside again? Lol, I was offloading sand and doing menial jobs to make extra cash. mehn! I was about to have a girlfriend I needed to have money inna mi pocket you know what I mean, we transformed the room, mom and dad actually gave me money to help with the furniture. In one day the room was all set and I was ready to roll in like a big boy, lol don’t mind me oh the big boy had no tv and no chair, well the chair aspect was deliberate.

I think it was September if not August, I was still waiting for a response from the then LOML, my chololo but I had met some of her friends and one that was really close to her was Judith, Judith was dating my friend Oscar, so it was becoming really chilled yunno, after weeks of asking if she had accepted to be my girlfriend, she agreed. I was the happiest boy in my hood, I flaunted her around I think I tasted what love was, young and naive I never knack before e just dey sweet me anyhow, then we went on our first date I think that was on the first of October Nigeria’s independent day, I didn’t spend much even though love dey shack me I still get the sense. Someone once told me “Aboy no use money wey you no go make the next day oh!” I have lived with that principle ever since so after that day it was just lovey-dovey she’d come to my place and spend hours no wahala, through her, her friend Judith started coming over to my place meanwhile her boyfriend that was my friend has been bragging with her that she wouldn’t cheat on him and we’ve told him times without number to chill with this thing he refused, oga placed a bet on Judith’s head, it didn’t take long before one of our guys ate and washed the plate. so Judith likes coming over sometimes she’ll ask Belema if she could sleepover at my place but Belema wouldn’t agree you know that kind of thing it wasn’t normal.

see you guys tomorrow for Episode 5.
so far who is your favorite character?

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