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Brought up in Port Harcourt (Episode 12)


Episode 12

division of devotion” I sang just three songs and Judith started praying, it was cute watching her pray. I was beginning to learn so much about her within a space of 48 hours.

we finished devotion. we showered I wasn’t a breakfast person I hurried to the veranda to wait for the women, because money is very important instead when I went there, it was a problem I met. it was asawana boys, lol you know them as agbero.

well they were walking along my area before one of them saw me and was like who be that manchi? Next thing they were moving towards my gate, aaaaah! Mogbe, these boys want to cause wahala for me. one now said ni**a how far na? of which I answered I’m fine.

the conversation continued and he said, he hasn’t seen my face before if I was new around here? I said yes I’ve been around for weeks now and that I’m a friend of Richard AKA preacher man, the expressions on their faces changed immediately like “wetin concern us concern your friend?” I asked them what they wanted because as you see me so I no like trouble, they said, they’re the ones keeping the area secured that I haven’t paid security Aaah! I say for here too this one dey because in Ph we call it “marching ground fee” I said okay they should just wait a bit.

I went in and came back with #1,000 and handed it over to them, they were surprised I didn’t know the marching ground fee they usually collect was #200, they hailed me, Chairman, after you na you oh! I felt a sensation like Deja-vu it was the same way I hailed my oga Kingsley, before he gave me the money, I told them not to worry that we are cool they should chillax, one shouted “baba if we worry you again, make I naked baff for bathroom” dumb right? But I knew exactly what he meant by that, he meant he’ll still come back.

Please guys, if you’ve been enjoying the story do well to rate it below, and also this chapter, will be ending tomorrow.

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a prequel of this story will have 3 episodes which will be posted on the 27th of this month, Thanks for the support so far.

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