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Brought Up in Port Harcourt (Episode 11)


Episode 11

That evening I prepared food for everyone. Judith usually does the cooking, but I felt after everything my mum told me I had to make up for lost times. we had some conversations and mum was telling Judith about my childhood, how I was crying just to take a picture, lol it was a funny childhood memory for what it’s worth I was glad my mum was around. Judith was actually laughing out loud, the last time I saw her laughing that hard was when that guy scolded me because of Belema.

y’all remember that right? yeah I do too. I couldn’t wait for the next day to reach so I will have extra cash before we went to bed I asked Judith if she wants to learn how to sew or she wants to do something else? Her reply was “anything that brings me close to you” my mum did hmm hmm, abeg make una carry this una wayo love go Siddon for one corner, we laughed and went to bed. I couldn’t sleep, I didn’t know why.

the funny thing was that I wasn’t thinking of anything in particular just random thoughts like how I got to this stage in my life, how I left school, how I’ll be a good father to my unborn child everything was just clouding my head and before I knew it, it was 3:30 Judith woke up panting as if she has been running for an hour she slapped me, I jumped and asked her what’s wrong she said she doesn’t know by then my mum had already woken up I swear I didn’t know what to do, I thought the baby was coming out I ran outside carried my slides and ran back inside.

meanwhile, my mum was massaging Judith’s tummy, she turned back and looked at me walking all over the room with my slides in my hands, she was like “sir what are you doing with your shoes in hands?” I didn’t even know, next thing I heard from Judith was she wants to use the bathroom, I asked my mum if it’s safe my mum yelled at me and said “can you just act like a man and do as she said?” in my mind “mumsy leave that man talk here oh! Na boy I be” finally I took her to the bathroom she only wanted to urinate when she was done I carried her to the room.

I checked the time on my phone it was already 4:40 which time I wan carry sleep like this? I asked myself because I know by 6 a.m my mum would wake us up for morning devotion. I asked my mum if I could sleep she answered sarcastically “no oh, no sleep, carry machete go outside go do vigilante” lol, I just went to my own side of the bed and slept off, I knew my mum wouldn’t sleep again because once she wakes up at night she hardly goes back to bed, I could hear her voice even when I was asleep. she was praying, complaining to God, she knew what I was going through but she didn’t want to show it to me that she understood.

she allowed us to sleep an extra 30 minutes before waking us up for devotion, this time she asked me to lead worship while Judith took the prayers. my mum always does this whenever me and my twin sister is having a fight, she calls it……guess what my mum calls it

Big Announcement this night

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Thanks and God Bless.

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