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Brought Up in Port Harcourt (Episode 10)


Episode 10

Judith, my Mum and mama Nkechi having a merry conversation, laughing and eating. Ahhhhh! I shouted “Mumsy, wetin happen na why you call me like that? like say Israelite wan use trumpet scatter the wall of Jericho?” they burst out laughing again, I was so pissed. my mum then asked me to calm down, second calm down I was receiving that day.

it was obvious she wasn’t done with her devotion. she said I should always try to tell Judith where I’m going to. what if what I was expecting was what had happened, what would I have done? My mum always has a way of bringing out the child in me even though I was no longer under her I was still her baby. I immediately realized what she was trying to do, she was trying to make me take responsibilities but I was na! What else does she want from me?.

Mama Nkechi liked the shirt I made for her son on his friend’s birthday I added a map of Africa on it to make it catchy something I learnt in port Harcourt because na only ph boys fit get that kind swagger.

the next day I didn’t go out, I was catching up with mom about Ogu water she was telling me how they made new chairman because the former chairman went to prison for beating another community chairman and How Ogu waterside has too much dignity and couldn’t keep such chairman. I laughed so hard after hearing that, abi no be the same ogu waterside again or things don change?

We were still on that when mama Nkechi came in and said she had received several calls from people asking who made the shirt her son was wearing, in my mind, I was like “madam hope say you give them my number oh! because as I dey here na money man dey reason” she continued and said some of the parents usually pass this street so when they pass, she’ll direct them to my place, I was so grateful. Mum could see the smile on my face I was so happy, that evening two women came knocking “erm sorry are you that Port Harcourt tailor?” I laughed and said yes my name is Loveday one shouted “ahh! Ndi MBA mmiri people!” lol I understood what she said, what I don’t understand is why she used Ndi then people. well, we are Nigerians.

I said ma so how can I help you? They said they liked the shirt I made for mama Nkechi’s son they would want a similar one for their children I didn’t even waste time, I said sure why not? One of them said but one of my children is a girl can you make it more feminine I said “say no more I’ve got you covered,” so when are you coming with the kids? We agreed the next day.

Okay, my People, that’s it for today till tomorrow, lol Judith is still pregnant.

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thank you and God Bless.

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