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Brought Up In Port Harcourt (Chapter 2) Episode 9


I had a crazy smile on my face when Judith came and said she wanted to talk to me, for what I asked. She said, “I know you called your elder brother to be involved in this issue, but please don’t get anyone hurt”. I wanted to first slap her teeth out of her mouth. I mean didn’t she get the part where her sugar daddy carried boys to my house or she’s become deaf, I’m beginning to feel like there was more to the story than she’s letting out.

I didn’t want to talk to her, because if I did at the moment, I might say awful things that I would later regret so I called my Dad back to know what was happening over there. My Dad picked up and was like “which kind magic trick wey you pull out, two seconds everywhere just clear like Nekede stream” lol, apparently someone told the boys that my elder brother was coming with some friends.

My elder brother called me back that he didn’t like what he heard about the situation and it was more serious than I know it, it would be better if I find a way to go back to Port Harcourt if possible with the baby and her mother so that I can settle this issue once and for all. hearing that from my elder brother sent chills down my spine because I could feel his voice shaken, like kilode wetin dey really play? We ended the call.

I heard on knock on my gate, it was one of the community security boys, he wanted to sew a nice shirt, hehehehe, God don butter my bread, this one will be like fast since I already have materials at home, I’ll just sew it this night and the next day he’ll come and get it. I took his measurement and collected advance payment, and asked him to come and collect it his shirt, done deal.

I went back in to tell my Mum what my elder brother had said and to ask her if there was a way we could travel with Speranza without disturbing her health.

My mum wasn’t convinced about traveling with Speranza but there was nothing she could do, so I turned to Judith, “Yo! Are you sure there’s you have to say about this, don’t let us look stupid when we get to port Harcourt, because it won’t be funny”, Judith on her own end was quiet and was only shaking her head like nothing was happening?

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