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Brought Up In Port Harcourt (Chapter 2) Episode 7


I did not even waste time, I just sat right back like I didn’t stand up. “by now I know Judith must have told you, what’s going on and I don’t know if what I heard was the same thing you heard,” she said. I was like “Mummy can you tell me what you heard so I know, I was standing”.

She said, “According to the rumors around the community they said you ran away with Judith and someone’s child.” “Say whaaaaaat!” I screamed “I did what”, I was already pissed that early morning, “we are going to Port Harcourt tomorrow, I can’t stand all this, the rumor is tarnishing my image and that of my family,” I said.

Judith was already teary, I didn’t want to look at her, because I was really upset. My mum tried to calm me and said “I know you are angry but then, you have to think this thing thoroughly, do you want to travel with little Speranza, don’t you believe what Judith told you, or what if you go back and something happens to you, because obviously the person claiming the baby isn’t your mate”

These words from my mum hit really deep, I can’t afford to travel with my Lil princess because was still very tiny, I turned to Judith “You! Are you sure you told me the whole truth, I don’t want to look like an idiot fighting for something that isn’t mine and if eventually, I find out that this baby isn’t mine get ready to leave this country because this country won’t contain us” at that point my Mum interrupted and said “ Judith my Daughter, no mind am but tell me the truth, this man wey dey claim Speranza na her papa or na Loveday be the true true papa?”, Judith was already crying, I didn’t care, imagine going all that stress only to realized that, the reason your whole world crumbled wasn’t worth it, I bet no one in my shoes would even think of her tears.

Mummy, shebi na woman wey carry belle no who give her belle or shebi na woman wey born children know who their father be?” it was a rhetoric question but, she placed it very well for my mum to think about it. She turned to me “this child is yours and no one is taking her away from you, My mother is acting this way because the said man has money and has been giving my mum money ever since”.

Ahh! Now I understood what was happening, money was the problem so because I was young she felt, I won’t make it, interesting primitive uncommon sense, I thought to myself. It was at that very time Mama Nkechi knocked on the door for the normal daily routine. I went to open the door for her, when she came she saw everyone was on the floor, she just joined them. “I think, this is the perfect time to say thank you. Thank you so much for taking me as your son and helping my mum during this period without you I’m not sure what we would have done, so thank you again” I said while looking at the floor.

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