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Brought up in Port Harcourt (Chapter 2) Episode 6


The rest of the evening I was just on my phone listening to realest by Burna Boy, I heard a knock on my door, I believed it was the kids, I carried the bag where their clothes were and I took it out, when I got to my door, it wasn’t the kids instead it was my friend preacherman.

Ahh! “my guy how far na, this one wey you come my place like this shebi I dey safe?” I asked while directing him inside, he sighed and said, “your twin sister nai call me say she dey call you since but your number no dey go and I dey hear plenty voices from ph wetin dey happen?”.

It was then I remembered that I had turned my phone to airplane mood because I wanted a moment with myself. We were still talking when I heard another knock on the door. “It has to be the kids this time,” I said.

I carried the bag again, when I got there it was one of the kids with the sweetest smile, he said “Uncle na my mummy send me to come collect the clothe them”, lol the only I could reply was “did she give you the money?” He stretched out his hand with the money in his hands I collected it and handed over the bag to him, it was like a drug deal lol.

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At that moment, the money was the only thing that made me smile, when I got back inside, Judith and my Mum was talking with Preacherman, I didn’t know what the conversation was about, it wasn’t about me or the situation at hand.

“Oboy I go start to dey move, night don cover make I no make careless walker Shey you grab?” I gave him a brotherly shake and told him that we’ll discuss it some other time. Some other time ke, I thought to myself, because I know I won’t have such conversation with him, not now and not ever.

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I wanted to go to bed immediately, but my mum realized I was trying to avoid her, Judith and the conversation, so she said “sooner or later, we’ll have this conversation but the sooner the better”.
She turned over to Judith to take the baby and asked her to go to bed too, since it has been a long day.

I don’t know where my mum got that composure from, like she acts as if nothing’s happening even when the world comes crumbling down. I guess that’s where I learned how to smile in the face of trouble.

Hehehe, I went to bed, I didn’t really sleep but I just laid in bed with my eyes closed forcing myself to ignore the problem, but it was too heavy to ignore.

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I finally closed my eyes around 4 am, before I knew it, it was time for devotion, just like other times I knew this wasn’t an ordinary devotion, it’s a devotion for addressing pressing issues, it was obvious, my dad has explained the rumors spreading out like wildfire.

We finished the devotion in about 30 minutes, I tried to stand up just to try my luck if she’d (My Mum) would let me walk away from her again.
“Young man you better sit down let’s get this over with” she sounded angry and pitiful at the same time.

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