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Brought Up in Port Harcourt (Chapter 2) Episode 5


I passed the phone to my Mum and told her that I and Judith wants to go on a walk, she looked at me and said okay, but I should be careful.

I told Judith to get dressed so that we could walk. So I took her to a bar close, just to ease her and I heard pepper soup is good for breastfeeding mothers.

When we got to the bar, she ordered for catfish pepper soup and a bottle of Heineken, I looked at her with wide eyes like “Agirlie, who you wan tumble this night?” She smile at me and said “what?, it’s been long I had it”. We laughed and I ordered Hollandia since I don’t take alcohol.

You must be wondering why, but before I got into the family life I get high with Tramadol, yeah, Youthful nonsense, don’t blame me jare.

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She was almost done when I asked her what was really happening, why was her mum cold towards me and why is my Dad emphasizing that I talk to you, is there something I should know?

She looked at me and first made me promise I won’t get mad at her, hehehehehe even she herself knows that I don’t make promises. I grinned at her and said please go ahead.

“I was seeing someone else before I got pregnant for you and he went to my parents that he wanted to marry me, but I didn’t like him and he was way older than I was. He is the kind that is abusive, I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life with such a person”. She said

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“Aaaah!” Was the only thing I could say cause I ran short of words, didn’t know if I should be mad or the earth should just swallow me up.

“After I told my mum about the pregnancy and told her that you were responsible for it, she doubted and said maybe the child wasn’t yours, after all, maybe it was for him. I swear I didn’t want to involve you in all this, I didn’t she still carried the whole stuff in her mind” she continued.

After hearing all this, if I say was confused it is an understatement because at that very point I was numb.

I told her to finish up, so we could go back home, since it’s already getting late and Little Speranza might be up already.

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When we got home, my mum was holding my little princess in her arms, I smiled and looked at her as if everything was fine but she saw the pain in my eyes.

Then, she said the kids came to collect their clothes, but asked them to come later, I couldn’t even respond I was just nodding my head.

sorry guys the management said I should be releasing single episodes daily.

so how are you enjoying the story so far?

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