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Brought Up in Port Harcourt (Chapter 2) Episode 4


beep beep” the call ended I turned and looked at my mum and said, “ he wasn’t even angry”.

I quickly collected Judith’s Dad’s number to give him the news, unfortunately, his number was switched off. I tried her mum’s number she picked up and said…

J’s Mum: “hello who be this?”

Me: “na me Loveday, I dey call to……

J’s Mum: “she no fit call me, na you she send to call me. Una no get respect at all.”

beep beep”…. she ended the call, ahhhh! Na wa o!

I didn’t say anything to my Mum, I walked into the kitchen to check the water, it was ready for them, I called out on my Mum that the water was ready.

That was how mama Nkechi and Judith entered the bathroom while I was in the living room helping my mum wash Little Speranza.

When Judith came out, I went out to continue sewing. Before they finished dressing up and eating I was already done with one dress and I was about to start the last one when Judith came from behind to say she was sorry.

These people are just confusing me, “why are you sorry?” I asked. She said she knows her mum did respond very well and she shouldn’t have allowed me to call her Mum.

I said it was fine, even though it wasn’t. I called my Dad back to let him know of the development and if he could please send word over to their house?.

At first, he resisted and then said okay but I have to talk to Judith to know what’s going on with her family, I quickly replied and said “na on top the matter I dey so, I give you detail later, nobody bunu”.

That was me trying to take control of the matter, but honestly, I had no idea what I was doing. I only knew I wanted to talk to Judith but I have no idea what to expect or what questions I wanted to ask her.

It wasn’t a serious matter,” I said, trying to convince myself. I went back to my sewing machine, trying so hard to concentrate, but I wasn’t having it at all. so I called my mum to explain the recent events. Funny thing was that my mum wasn’t surprised at all.

she said “my son, these things are bound to happen, all you have to do is to be rational and so far you are handling things perfectly”.

That was indeed comforting, I needed those words from my mum, at least she doesn’t think that I was worthless. I hurriedly finished the last dress.

Meanwhile, I got extra material because I wanted to act romantic and sew a Big gown for Judith before these incidents, now I was doubting if I should or just wait for another customer that might like the material.

The kids later came to collect their stuffs, plus my balance. The money was really important, especially with my princess around.

It was getting late when my Dad called back.
Dad: “Oboy, how far, wetin be all this noise wey we dey hear for down?, but first you don talk to Judith?”

Me: “Omo,, Pman I never get chance yarn with her oh, wetin dey play, pass me compass”

Dad: “Honestly, I don’t if I should be telling you this or better still can I talk to your mother?”.

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