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Brought Up in Port Harcourt (Chapter 2) Episode 3


Don’t get it twisted, I still wanted to know what she was keeping away from me, I asked her again “so what’s up, why haven’t you called your family to tell them about our child?” she was quiet for a while I was confused, but I didn’t want to force into saying or doing what she doesn’t want to, so I said “Or do you want me to call them?”, immediately her face was brightened, she responded with a sheepish smile and said, “yes, I’ll be so glad if you did”.

We went to bed that night, I know most of you are saying why didn’t you force her, but Nwanne cool ‘O’ down, she has her reasons for not saying anything and she is a young mother I didn’t want to put pressure on her, so I’m letting her take her time.

The next morning I woke up before everyone just to meet up with the deadline. So I prayed washed my mouth and zoomed to thew living room to start sewing. Around 7:30 am, Mama Nkechi was already at the front door knocking “kpoi kpoi kpoi, house oh! Mama Loveday” I rushed to open the door. I didn’t know how to thank her enough, since I moved to Arochukwu, she has been so nice to me. I opened the door for her, Judith and my mum were just rounding up with Morning devotion.

My mum called me to set water for both the child and the Mother, I was still on it, when my dad called from Port Harcourt, it was then I remembered that even my dad doesn’t know about the child. “ your papa dey call you oh! Hope say you don tell am, say your wife don born?” said my mum.

In my mind I was like “Mummy I saw what you did there, you are removing yourself from the wahala”.

I answered the call

Me: “Pman how far na”

my Dad: “what happened na, I haven’t heard from your mum, for two days now hope everything is okay?”

Me: “sure everything is okay, but sorry Dad, everything happened so fast we forgot to call you. You now have Granddaughter.”

at first, there was a long silence at the other end and my mum was looking at me like “what’s going on?”. Then I heard him shout OWOWO.

Pheew! That was a long one then he said “have you told her people?”

Me: I plan on doing that today

Dad: you better do! Remember you are now a man and the journey of being a man isn’t an easy one. Call them immediately because we don start party for here.

sorry guys for yesterday, Loveday is back now

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