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Brought up in Port Harcourt (chapter 2) Episode 2



My Mum dragged Judith out, I think my baby was awake that was when I got a name for her. I decided I’d name her “Speranza” which means “Hope” I felt she gave me hope to continue living even after the mother almost ruined my life, considering all the events that has taken place I feel she’s a Blessing.

I wanted to call her Blessing but the name was common for Calabar people and Blessing when translated to my language it’ll be Belema. I didn’t want anyone thinking I named my baby after an Ex. You know all those kind of rumors, man’s not ready for them.

I ran out and shouted, “Yes, I have a name for my Darling, I’ll name her Speranza”. I was like “Spere gini, where did you come with that name whats the meaning, can’t you give her a good native name?”.

Lol, you all know mothers, when things don’t go how they want it, they tend to overreact, I peacefully responded: “Mummy, Speranza means Hope and this baby is my hope for living another day No, I left the native name for you to chose”. After I said that I felt goosebump on everyone like it was an emotional moment, it was as if my Mum could feel every emotion I was feeling.

After some time she said “ you get luck to say, you give me a chance for my first grand pikin, if not me and you for put leg inside one trouser”, we all laughed.

Lowkey! I was waiting for Mama Nkechi to leave and my mum to go to sleep cause, I needed to know what was terrifying Judith, I checked the time it was already 6 pm and I still had about two dresses to make, I said “no wahala na, all die na die” I’ll finish it the next morning.

to be honest I was already tired no lies “Man no be firewood” I hurried up to shower so I could play with my baby. When I came out food was ready, my mum prepared pounded yam and Egusi.

Even you were angry you can’t reject the aroma of that palatable dish, I licked my lips and rushed to devour the food like a hungry Lion my mum and Judith were just there looking at me and laughing I felt like a baby again and the whole incident gave me memories, like when I didn’t have to worry if I had enough money in my account or what to eat the next day.

I was still eating when I heard little Speranza’s voice, I looked at Judith with the “what are you doing still standing there?”,

she noticed and hurried up to the child, apparently she just woke up I felt she was hungry. I asked my mum when will she start sucking breast if Judith start producing milk? All those unnecessary questions, my mum was patient with me, she said “No, for now, your child has to be sucking empty breast until she’s able to draw out breast milk”.

Then she recited her favorite line from the book “the gods are not to be blamed by Olarotimi”, “you see my son my son, the struggle begins from birth”.

Judith held Lil Speranza, till she fell asleep again. I was done, Mum said she needs to sleep but she’ll sleep with the baby since Judith was still recovering from childbirth, it was nice of my Mum to had put Judith into consideration.

Immediately my Mum left us, I waved at Judith to come over and perked her on the cheek to remind her that, she’s an amazing person. I didn’t know why I did it, but I felt she needs to be appreciated you know, like she has done a great job nurturing another life in her for nine months.

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