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Brought up in Port Harcourt (Chapter 2) Episode 10


I started working while working I was thinking of a way to get to Port Harcourt and safely, I then called my twin sister to tell her that we’ll soon come to ph and I would appreciate her presence, she didn’t tell me that she’ll be around.

I didn’t sleep the whole night I heard Speranza’s voice cooing while she slept peacefully, I had already made up my night that no one would take her away from me, even if it means doing paternity test for her, she’s too precious.

I think Judith had a short night also because around 4 am I heard her murmuring like she was angry about something but, I felt like after she told me everything at the bar and I wasn’t mad at her she grew more confident in herself, I don’t know if it’s confidence or she just wan show herself.

Before it was time for devotion, I was already through with the shirt, had my bath and was ready for the Day. I placed water for Judith and the baby.

I woke everyone up for devotion, immediately after I had to make the talk fast, I told them we’ll be going to Port Harcourt the next Day, Judith wanted to object the idea, I immediately stopped her, I was like “I don’t understand the point you are trying to proof, you’ve been acting and I’ve been asking you what’s happening and you’ve been mute, so it’s better you remain like that”.

My Mum looked at us like “are these two mad or something”.

I was on my way out when Mama Nkechi entered, she saw the way my face looked and was immediately bothered, she dragged me back and told me that whatever I was going through, it’s not bigger than God and He’ll definitely see me through, I thanked her and moved on.

I went to Preacherman’s place because even though I was beginning to know people he is the only I can really trust around. When I got his place, he was still sleeping. I banged on the door “gbim gbim gbim, Preacher! Preacher!! Preacher!!!, guy wake up, which kind mumu sleep be this? Nai make you never make money”…

Preacherman came out stretching and yawning, “you wan scatter my door, this kind early morning?” lol, I asked him to open the door for of which he did, I got in and immediately without wasting time explained what was going on to him.

He was surprised at first but he later to realization of what Judith had done in previous times so he had nothing to say and I quickly made him understand that she’s now my woman and mother of my child any bad criticism won’t be taken lightly.

He quickly changed the conversation and asked what I wanted to do about the situation?, “I want to go to ph tomorrow with everyone tomorrow, but I need a driver, that’ll go and stay with me, so after every saga we can come back peacefully without having to disturb the baby” I said.

sorry about yesterday, I’ll post another episode tonight and before I leave I would like to Introduce you to Forsage, contact us for more information.

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