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Brought Up in Port Harcourt (Appreciation)



Lol, I know the story is over, but then, it won’t be nice if I don’t tell you about my life in school (New Era) or the incident in Lesukka. So here it is enjoy.

Back then in New Era, I wasn’t the brightest as I said earlier but I was sure popular unlike me at home, I wasn’t that quiet in school, almost everyone knew who I was.

So you can say I had both friends and enemies. I remember one certain time during school fights, I was caught in a cold corner. SS3 boys messed me up in their class in front of everyone. Kai one small one sef because his friends were around. They stacked me up from my trouser and gbam to the ground in front of my crush. Chai, I used shame and went out during the break period I confronted the small one. Ever since homie avoided me. So yes New Era was fun when you are free with everyone and have the popular people on your side everyone loves you.

I got a question about my brother bullying me. Well I think we all know how that goes, no one actually cares, it was normal, it was called โ€œDisciplineโ€.

Yeah and the lesukka incident, I went out with some friends and ran out of cash, so two left me,a girl and one other guy at the location just to look for an ATM where they could redraw. Lol, that day was hell, we almost left the girl there, because the way the Bouncers were just hovering around our tables as if, we’ve committed a huge crime.

And that’s it Guys thanks a lot for your support and everything, to that gave me to opportunity to share this story with you, God Bless.

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God Bles you and Yours.

2 replies on “Brought Up in Port Harcourt (Appreciation)”

We want more.. How did it go na.. Did they relocate back to port Harcourt.. Did loveday and Juliet get married?? How about Belem??

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