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Brought uo in Port Harcourt (Episode 5)


Episode 5

Well something happened during the December carnival we traveled. since we were all from the same place, we traveled to the village. my house was like the general house, that’s how Judith moved in she was helping mum, so my mum asked her to stay over if her parents won’t complain she quickly accepted. it wasn’t my fault na, some night she’d sneak into my room, me wetin concern me? I’d allow her to sleep before I’d wake she had already left. until one night when we went to a night party, Belema couldn’t make it that night because she wasn’t feeling well, she slept at my place, later at the party. Judith was like my girlfriend we danced and everything, I was taking everything casual until she said, she needed to ease herself and that she needed escort as a gentleman that I was, I couldn’t let her go alone that’s how I carried her to one corner because its an open party na, no toilet or whatsoever when we got there she did what she had to do, she asked if I liked her I said yes na she was like “no eh! Aboy you dread me, like the way you dread your babe?” I was confused I didn’t know what to answer then we locked lips, hehehehe it was then Emeka knew there was more to life than just eating digestive biscuits, I couldn’t stop (1) was because there was a bet on her (2) was because she had her ways, all of a sudden john Thomas was up, don’t ask me who or what john Thomas is, I quickly adjusted cause we’ve taken too much time and damn it was a street party for crying out loud! But I must confess it wasn’t easy resisting, when we got back to the others they were all ready to leave according to them “the party no dey groove normal sef” lol that’s how we left, from then it was awkward between me and Judith didn’t hold her hands again instead I went to the guys. I was once again lost in thoughts, but luckily for me when we got home Belema was asleep, I quickly pulled off my clothes and slept next to her, Xmas travel finished and we went back to ph, for a week or so Judith avoided my house, Belema noticed and asked me what was wrong I didn’t say anything to her, only said, maybe she’s busy and most times I’d change the topic fast. the day she came Belema traveled with her mum. I was home that day when I heard a huge knock on my door when I opened it was Judith she was crying, I told her to enter and then tried to calm her, I later asked what had happened she said she just had a fight with her boyfriend and that I was the only one she could talk to, so I was just there trying to make her feel okay but you know there was no chair in my room so she was on the bed with me, but soon enough I fell asleep next to her. when I woke up it was already late, to my greatest surprise she was sleeping next to me too like I gave her permission to sleep over, I moved over to the floor, she woke and said I shouldn’t sleep there. well one thing lead to another I agreed to sleep on the bed, then suddenly John was up again, I didn’t know what to do I just left him there, but she noticed and started chuckling that midnight like a witch, well that night I had my first.

Hey Guys for following up with our stories stay tuned, if we have more questions then we might answer them today.
episode 6 will be released in the evening, Thanks and God Bless.

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