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Brought Up in Port Harcourt (Chapter 2) Episode 11


After a long pause, he said “why don’t talk to one of those guys that takes care of the community, yes! I think harry has a car he uses as a taxi sometimes, he would like to help”. my face immediately brightened, apparently the harry is the same guy I was making his shirt “Is God not wonderful?” I asked out loud, I told Preacherman thanks and left because I needed to meet up with Harry and give him, his shirt then discuss business with him, hopefully, he’ll agree.

On my way home I saw, one of the kids I had sewed for playing, immediately he saw me, he said “brother brother, I dey go your place sef, my mummy say make I come take another measurement, say that first one fine”. Hehehe, this one na temptation oh, I asked him to follow me, we got home, Harry was already waiting for me.

paddy how far na, na this evening you wan use the shirt ba?” I said, “YES” as he stood up from the pavement he was sitting. I directed him inside, the kid followed behind, I told harry to wait while I took the kid’s measurement.

in less than 5 minutes I was done and the kid was on his way home, but I told him to tell his mum that he’ll get the shirt next week, he went off jumping and dancing. I turned to my newest guy, we hailed each for a while, then I hit him with the serious face, he was like “baba I too dey here oh, I get somewhere to go wetin dey sup?” I quickly asked him if he could travel out of state and stay for a while, he said sure.

Immediately I told him that tomorrow we’ll be leaving for Port Harcourt and that he shouldn’t worry about his accommodation, all I needed from him was safe drive for myself and family, we agreed on a price and that was it.

I went back to tell my Mum that everything was set, it was remaining to inform my Dad and Judith’s family. I asked my mum to call my Dad while I go out to inform Mama Nkechi about the travel. While I was going, I called Judith to join me, because it was only right that I take her along to talk to mama Nkechi.

As usual, mama Nkechi was in her small store, we walked in and greeted her. She looked surprised, I didn’t want to stress her too much so I told her what I planned on doing so she gave us some motherly advice and told us to stay safe.

When we got back to our apartment, my mum was sitting with Speranza, she asked how did mama Nkechi take the news, I said “normal, she gave some words and prayed for us”.

Thanks for your support Guys, see you tomorrow.

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